Area 5.1 Classified Wine Clubs


Get classified and enjoy your all-access pass to the most out of this world wine club around. Explore our top-secret blends, inexplicable discounts and eyes-only events! Just add one of these two clubs to your shopping cart and one of our resident aliens will phone home to give you all the details and discounts! 

Secret SIX
Majestic 12

Quantity: 6 bottles: twice a year

Discount: 25% Discount on all wine

Pricing:  $110-$150: twice a year


Welcome to our secret society granting you

top-level access to the good stuff.


Includes free tastings & special wine by-the-glass pricing for you & 3 friends


Many more benefits and discounts including members-only parties at the tasting room & off-premise wine (and totally non-wine) related adventures you won’t believe


10% off all Area 5.1 Merchandise! 

Quantity: 12 bottles: twice a year

Discount: 35% Discount on all wine

Pricing:  $200- $250: twice a year


Join the operation the CIA has covered up for 50 years. Discover the mysteries and reap all the glorious rewards of total-access…


All the benefits of Secret S.I.X plus 10% higher discounts on wine & more


Free tasting for you & 5 of your friends


15% off A5.1 merchandise 


Well worth ranking up!